Oliver Drechsel

Soundwaves 2014

Since 2009 Oliver Drechsel is artistic director of Klangwellen 714 (Soundwaves 2014)“ of „Marienkapelle am Rhein e.V.“.

The concert series stands under patronat of author Dr. Ulla Hahn (grown up in Monheim am Rhein) and her husband Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi (further minister of education of Federal Republic of Germany). On each first Sunday in a month on 4 p.m. there is a concert with a duration of 1 hour in the 500 years old chapel next to the Rhine. Entrance is free, donations are welcome.

Concert series 2016:
75th concert—03.01.16—„Anatolian Impressions“, Koray Sari (Baglama)
76th concert—07.02.16—„Winter-Joy and Winter-Sorrow“, Spillyck: Rafael Daun (bagpipes), Christian Starke (bagpipes), Ruthilde Holzenkamp (accordion), Thorralf Schuh (percussion), Simone Sorgalla (harp and voice)
77th concert—06.03.16—„Portrait Victor Bruns“, Berthold Große (bassoon), Oliver Drechsel (piano)
78th concert—03.04.16—„Fantasia of the Andes Mountains“, Julio Almeida (guitar), Noreia Mueckay Carlier (piano)
79th concert—01.05.16—„Dichterliebe“, Philipp Hoferichter (tenor), Oliver Drechsel (piano)
80th concert—05.06.16—„Fascination Baroque“, Flautissimo, Conductor: Gisela Schmelz
81th concert—03.07.16—„With heart and button“, Filip Erakovic (accordion)
82th concert—07.08.16—„Nuits napolitaines – Antics at the concert harmonium“, Christoph Lahme (harmonium)
83th concert—04.09.16—„Trio T.H.O.M.A.S“, Thomas Meyer und Oliver Schnarr (bassett horns), Andreas Herkenrath (bassoon)
84th concert—02.10.16—„Autumn-Time-Maturity“, vocal quintet Polyton: Birgit Scheurer, Ute Merten, Brigitte Stöcker, Martin Kalisch, Hartmut Pallasch
85th concert—06.11.16—„Concierto guitarrística“, Mateusz Gaik and Koray Sari (guitars)
86th concert—04.12.16—„With timpani and…“, Percussion-Ensemble Mettmann: Luca Bargel, Lorenz Nußbaumer, Markus Paulsohn, Cornelius Reh, Regie: Wolfgang Wölke

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