Oliver Drechsel

piano trio

Prof. Gernot Süßmuth, violin (principal violinist Staatskapelle Weimar)
Dagmar Spengler, violoncello (solo cello Staatskapelle Weimar)
Oliver Drechsel, piano

„[…] many thanks for the great evening in Moers! I really enjoyed following your sounds and emotions, you could take us with you into the compositions. […] Your common breathing was absolutely perfect. The endings came by themselves. […] Everyone from your trio surprised and delighted me with beautifuleness of sound, intimacy and true and spontaneous joy of playing. Really a top-class concert, which was confirmed by the audience!“
(Dr. Christiane Schumann, Head of German Schubert Society, 26.02.2015)


Ludwig van Beethoven Piano-Trio c-minor op.1/3
Dmitri Schostakowitsch Piano-Trio e-minor op.67
Felix Mendelssohn B. Piano-Trio d-minor op.49


„Classic-Romantic Trio“
Joseph Haydn Piano-Trio g-major Hob. XV/25
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano-Trio d-major op.70/1 „ghost-trio“
Franz Schubert Piano-Trio bflat-major op. 99 D898


„Great bflat-major-trios“
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano-Trio bflat-major op.97 „archduke-trio“
Franz Schubert Piano-Trio bflat-major op. 99 D898


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